Out Of The Closet

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Out of the closet, is a talk show/project which tries to give a better perspective into the lives of the LGBTQAI+ people and Women.
With this project, we want to initiate a change in thinking of people, help remove the social stigma about being a person with different orientation or gender, and have a better view of other problems faced by the people from the LGBTQAI+ community


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 • Certificate of Working under this project
 • Letter of Recommendation
 • Linkedin endorsement or referrals (On the basis of contribution in the project)
 • A chance to work with AID Organization for other projects(On the basis of Contribution to the project)
 • Contribution towards the betterment of society and Credits for work in Episodes you work for.


About The Project

Out Of The Closet

OUT OF THE CLOSET, is a project under AID Organization that serves as a medium to retrospect a deeper and more open approach to the problems faced by people from LGBTQAI+ Community and Women in India.
With this project, we want to open a door to the closeted world of LGBTQAI+ Community, which is quite often Overlooked by society.
Even when the people try to help out give a view they only show Cliché topics, thus overshadowing the daily life issues and other issues that could easily normalize tee acceptance and presence of People from the community.
The project was just another dream of it's Initiator,  Mihir Kaushal (He/Him/They/Them), who identifies as Queer and has seen both Glee and Gloom cuz of who he is, He always tried to find a show or a source of entertainment that also educated society about the community, But wasn't able to find one. Until, AID Organization gave him a platform to express all his ideas. He Believes that the Light of Knowledge can End the Darkness of Ignorance.
The vision of our talk-show, is to interact with as much people from the Community as possible while also making it a fun and interesting educational for everyone. 
While the creator also thinks the need to remove the taboos related to women in India is really a thing that shouldn't be overlooked.
The team of our Show is diverse and also represents how the world should actually be more liberal to uplifting each other by setting aside the differences and being bound as a family in Harmony.

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